Safety Management

RAGEM provides Safety Management service for the proper implementation of the safety process, the preparation of its tasks, analyzes and outputs according to EN 50126-1 and EN 50126-2 standards.

What are we doing?

Safety Plan

In the Safety Plan, safety activities, safety organization, etc. to be carried out along the V-Model specified in EN 50126-1 and EN 50126-2. information is included. The Safety Plan is the most important document for safety activities at other stages.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is the systematic evaluation of available information to identify hazards and predict risks. Risk Assessment is a process based on sisk analysis and it is determined whether an acceptable risk level has been reached at the end. The information necessary to derive the safety requirements is derived from these analyses.

Safety Requirements

As a result of the analyzes made after the Risk Analysis and Evaluation, the safety requirements and the acceptance and approval criteria of these requirements are determined. These requirements determined at the system level are allocated to subsystems.

Safety Analysis

Subsystems and components are created in accordance with safety requirements. Safety Analyzes of subsystems and components (using FMEA, FTA methods) are made. “Technical Safety Reports” and “Design Safety Proof” documents are created.

Safety Audits

Whether safety activities are carried out correctly and whether there are deviations is examined by safety audits. Safety must be accomplished at every stage of the lifecycle. It is an important input for Verification reports.

SRAC Management

The activities of determining, assigning, implementing and managing SRACs (Safety-Related Enforcement Requirements).

Safety Tests

Test activities are carried out for the validation of safety requirements and safety-related functions. Preparing, performing, reporting and witnessing the instructions for these tests are safety duties.

Safety Reports

Before the acceptance of the system, “Final Evidence of Safety” documents are created.