RAM Management

RAGEM provides RAM Management service for the proper implementation of the RAM Management (Reliability, Availability, Sustainability) process according to the EN 50126-1 standard, and the preparation of its tasks, analyzes and outputs.

What are we doing?

RAM Plan

Within the RAM Plan, the RAM activities, RAM organization, etc. to be carried out along the V-Model specified in EN 50126-1. information is included. RAM Plan is the most important document for RAM activities in other stages.

Physical And Functional Breakdowns

In order to perform RAM analysis, physical and functional breakdown lists of the system are created.

RAM Analysis (FMECA)

RAM analysis is performed according to the RAM Plan, physical breakdown list and functional breakdown list. These analyzes are RAM analysis, reliability estimation, availability analysis and sustainability analysis.


The failure reporting, analysis and corrective actions system (FRACAS) should be implemented to keep the system operating while maintaining RAM targets.

RAM Reports

After the RAM analysis, it is reported whether the system created according to the requirements meets the RAM requirements.

RAM Performance Monitoring

After the system has started to be used/operated, whether it meets the RAM requirements, its compliance with the targets and its performance should be monitored.