Functional Safety Engineering

Functional safety basically means freedom from unacceptable risks. To ensure functional safety, the EN 50129 standard presents tasks and requirements at every stage throughout the V-Model. RAGEM provides Functional Safety Management service for identification of functional hazards, SIL assignments, technical safety reports, functional safety tests etc.

What are we doing?

Failure Rate/SIL Assignments

In order to eliminate unacceptable risks, activities are carried out to determine SIL requirements, failure rates and SIL assignments.

FTA/FMEA Analysis

The accuracy of the location of the functional safety requirements (failure rate, SIL level) and whether they meet the requirement are provided by performing FTA/FMEA analysis.

Technical Safety Reports

Subsystems and components are created in accordance with safety requirements. Safety Analyzes of subsystems and components (using FMEA, FTA methods) are made. “Technical Safety Reports” and “Design Safety Evidence” documents are created.

SRAC Management

The activities of determining, assigning, implementing and managing SRACs (Safety-Related Enforcement Requirements).

Functional Safety Tests

Test activities of functions are carried out for the validation of functional safety requirements and safety-related functions. Preparing, performing, reporting and witnessing the instructions for these tests are safety duties.