Certification Management

RAGEM provides planning, management, execution and coordination of the certification process for TSI, UTP and SIL certification carried out with organizations such as NoBo (Notified Body), DeBo (Designated Body), AsBo (Assessment Body) and ISA (Independent Safety Assessor).

What are we doing?

Certification Plans

For the certification process, it is necessary to determine the activities and project tasks, plan these tasks and determine the organization.

Certification Coordination

The whole process should be carried out in harmony with the conformity assessment bodies, the safety assessment body, the testing organization and the approval authority.

Managing Requirements

Requirements that certification bodies will control and review need to be identified, managed and monitored.

Preparation of Evidence Documents

It is necessary to evidence and document that the requirements that certification bodies will check and examine are fulfilled.

SIL Certification

Whether the SIL requirements according to EN 50129 and EN 50128 are fulfilled is carried out by ISAs. It is necessary to prepare the necessary documentation and proofs to the ISA.

Certification Technical File

In the registration of rail system vehicles, a ‘technical file’ should be prepared and submitted to the approval authority and conformity assessment bodies.